Meet our

Founder CEO and Co-Owner

Meet Joe, Founder and CEO of Sionis Marketing

For over 10 years, Joe has built and managed social media Ads and Events for Thousands of clients. He's Co-owner of a Chirporatic Office in Anchorage, AK and partnered in Several Surgery Centers across the US. When you talk with him it's almost guaranteed he knows someone in your network

Meet Nolan, Co-Owner of Sionis Marketing and CTO

Nolan is an Experienced Software Developer Who's worked in the Medical Industry for 20 years. He's worked on Claims administrative Software for Insurance companies as well as EMR and PM Systems. When it comes to Automating any process, Nolan has an answer. Nolan Manages all Social Media Advertising as well as New Client onboarding


 How do I know if Sionis Marketing is right for me?

Sionis has many different programs that can fit your needs. If you don't have the staff to do Lead Follow-up, we have a US based call center as well. With Dinner Talks, Events, Social Media Ads, SEO, Google, you can choose what works best for you and Try us Free

 What if we can't do our own lead scheduling?

Sionis original model was ALL in one solution to generate leads, Qualify and schedule so all you have to do is greet them at the door. We have a US Based call center that can do this Full Time for you at $20 per hour. We also offer supplemental support for after hours and weekends. Only $4 per hour for after hour support

 How many leads can I expect from Ads?

We have Ad spend campaigns starting between $1000-$3000 a month. Your Location and Demographics plays a large roll in Cost of Leads. Our Expert Marketing Team has run ads in All 50 states, and we know the tips and tricks to keep costs very low. For a $1000 Trial run you should expect between 50 - 200+ Leads.


 Can I cancel anytime?

Sionis provides first 30 days Free for our CRM use, and you can cancel anytime. Just choose your Program and ad spend if needed and we'll do a month-to-month contract. Adjust contract at anytime

 What do the Events consist of?

Sionis Staff will get a list of Businesses around your office (5-10 miles your preference). We'll call all of these Businesses (with a min # of employees determined by you) and setup a Patient Screening Event at their place of Business. $299 per Event Scheduled and we share a calendar with your Staff. We attempt to setup a recurring Event as well every 6-8 weeks. You and your Staff show up, provide chair massages and collect Health Screen Surveys. Get New Patients with great Insurance. This is also a great way to Brand yourself and get yourself out their in your local community

 How can we be successful in doing our own lead followup and scheduling?

That is what our CRM Pipeline Software can provide you along with Email and phone support as well as Onboarding training. Our system is what our own call center uses. It's designed to Automate as much as possible, so your staff isn't burdened with additional new tasks. For Example, when a New leads comes through, it can notify you by text and email AND it can attempt to automatically call your office and bridge connect your call to the Lead. Reaching a new lead by Phone within 3 minutes of submission is critical and our automated process makes this easy for you


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