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About us

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We find when clients do thier own lead follow up, they aren’t very successful. Maybe untrained staff, staff that just doesn’t make it a priority for you as an owner, or poor processes. 
Now if you have that all setup, Awesome as we love sending leads, that’s the easy part. 

Same with clients generating thier own leads. You’ll be paying anywhere from $30 to $100 a lead if you create and ad and run in unattended. Facebook algorithms are far from perfect and each demographic is different. Our team is in ads every single day looking at performance.  If performance is dropping we change things. Our cost per lead is as low as $2 a lead

Our Story

Design by Imagination The Story of Sionis Marketing

Joe McIntyre has been generating Leads for Doctors for over 20 years. Before Facebook it was cold call telemarketing. When Facebook started advertising he was one of the first to provide that service. Joe started Sionis in 2015 with a Business Partner (Mike) who exploded the Business with the direction of Digital Marketing. Nolan onboarded as Partner in March of 2020 when Mike passed away in 2019. Nolan (who is a Software Developer) has brought his 20 tears of expertise into making all process more efficient and cost effective. He’s hand picked our marketing experts and has grown our team tremendously